SPIP is a tool for writing simple presentations in an easy way. SPIP is generating HTML files from some simple text files with a simple xml structure.

I wrote SPIP because I wanted to use the presentation software from Redmond not any longer. And I wanted my presentations in a simple form I could put on my web space after lecturing the presentation. Also I wanted to have my presentation source in pure ASCII files and not in any proprietary format. And last but not least it was fun to write SPIP and to see how relatively easy such a thing can be done.

Because SPIP is written in Perl, you need a not too old Perl version and the following non-core (but well known) modules from CPAN to create your presentation:

For showing your presentation you need a web browser like Opera or Firefox. Because of the use of css I recommend not to use the Internet Explorer. But you will look closely at the display of your presentation in the browser before you show it to others anyway.

Copyright Christian Dühl February 2005